That's all, folks!
Track 1: Eye of the Tiger
ad biz
the dude abides
Terry Fox, Elfin Lakes
Kit-Cat Klock (R)
Terry Fox Run
dear internet
setting up debian wireless
pretty much my favourite animal
the blossoms
once in a while, the system works
product reviews
one year
all your base
no email for you!
life comedy
U-Pass: the only time students haven't been screwed in 5 years
polar bear 2005
rage against the bookstore
Will and Woody
printing to Airport Express from Windows
best of 2004
I need an employee discount connection
celebrity tip
Apple simplicity: let the user add an obscure extra character instead of putting all the options in the drop-down list
best interview question ever
OpenBSD, Windows, and time zones
gallery mosaic
a question for the true Canadians out there
you know, for kids
how do you say media whore in French?
gallery and RSS
warning: setting master personality switch to "evil" will void your warranty
the Fox
state of the log
ssh address book
Naramata: like France, but with better roads
life moves pretty fast
notes from the other side
Afghanistan to Vietnam
Coming to America... er, Canada
ladies and gentlemen, live via the Internet...
hinterland who's who
a gentleman of leisure
But it says "Buttle," not "Tuttle!"
the lists: first revision
I'm hungry. Let's get a taco.
you said it, man
like sidecars for nerds
Last drink of the year
in the "where are they now?" file
stand on guard
leave a message after the click
don't feed the beast
exam week
Google's up to something
resetting PowerBook Power Management Unit (PMU)
standing on the corner, watching the girls walk by...
as you probably remember from high school
a sort of homecoming
foo drivers
gently down the stream
digiratti accessories
small town recap
two heads are better than one
maybe the gallery will load faster now
too much nutrition?
first barbeque of the season
accounts receeeeivable
water... to the extreme!
guinea pig still standing
self-designated guinea pig
live, one night only
ads I don't mind watching
super flat
lotus blossoms and stuff
Vegas, baby! Vegas!
now I have to return the album on principle
civilized bastard
the invading hordes
Borscht-related injuries
overheard in my head yesterday
your mileage may vary
judge rules: not offensive enough
winning hearts and minds
okcomputer's fancy new case
oh no! crabs!
explosives and safety gear
ghost of Christmas past
lone fatkid scouts Muse
mobile, agile, hostile
tock tick
tick tock
annoying details
practical consumer or coolest kid on the block?
Apache on OS X
ultimate sports weekend
like lent, only more practical
fail-over to secondary bathroom
soy beverage: now without the gagging
the cosmic ballet... goes on
Mr. Fancy Pants
case of the toooosdays
nerd documents
Duff Man says a lot of things!
placating the masses
don't take pictures of the drug dealers
whiskey and cigarettes
so how old are you?
OpenBSD 3.2
less tentacle porn than the last show, apparently
the chicken was all raw and the grease was mighty thick
you think that's loud?
this doesn't sound that loud
customer service and "Internet time"
I just want to say this gig sucks.
staring at the sun