March 05, 2005
no email for you!

Holy crap, Microsoft is annoying. Just when I thought I'd outgrown the whole "Micro$soft sucks" phase, they find another way to piss me off. Outlook and Exchange Server add stupid attachments that no other email program can read. I don't care so much about the formatting information, but it turns out that if Outlook users attach a real file to their email, it sometimes winds up in the winmail.dat file too. Of course, so many people use crappy old Outlook that they don't think it's their problem if your email program that does things properly doesn't read their god-damned obfuscated files.

If you can't convince the sender to use a non-braindead mailer, try this.

Posted by tim at March 05, 2005 07:24 PM

i *love* how every important (or semi-important, or even non-important) system-related file in windows has an 8.3 filename. like, they've had long filename support for *ten* years, but they still don't trust it enough to give their files descriptive names.

Posted by: michal on March 9, 2005 01:02 PM
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