new sleeve

started on the new tattoo last thursday -- soon as i get my hands on a digicam, i'll post a couple of pics. so far i've got the initial line work done from wrist to shoulder-blade on my right arm. i'm so itchy from it at the moment it's not even funny.

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ltj bukem

wow. anyone who likes the intelligent side of drum n bass should definitely not miss this show:

ltj bukem.  boh!

ltj bukem is easily the best drum n bass dj i've ever seen and conrad flows amazingly well with his music. looks like i'm heading down to vancouver for a show finally ...

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another party

hey kids.

if any of you are feeling like hitting up whistler for some summertime sun, beers and musical mayhem, i'm helping throw a party at the GLC for some cheap dirty beats advertising. check the deets on the flyer below:


should be a good time. mostly breaks, a bit of electro, a bit of house and some reggae / dancehall to start the night and get everyone warmed up. there'll be some giveaways (we've got tons of dirtybeats t-shirts now, thanks to a friend who works at a t-shirt store up here) and some cheap-ass drinks (okay, cheap for whistler).

yes, the flyer probably looks some shitty shade of green cuz i didn't feel like fixing the color palette (sp?). and mel, it would be great if you came, we need more dj whores :P


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sweet ... free advertising in the pique (local newsmagazine)

shelley kinda changed some of my little reviews but i can live with it.

click here

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laser eye sights ...

click here. how cool would that be to be driving a car and have the speedometer be part of your vision? or ... hrm ... can't think of anything else at the moment but there's tons of shit you could do, i just know it. the example kinda reminds of virtual boy though ...

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