October 29

so i'm thinking i'm gonna be a liftee for the season.

stop laughing.

seriously, it's 4 days on, 3 days off which leaves me plenty of time to make real money doing computer work (i actually have some contracts now. w00t.) and plenty of time for serious snowboarding. i also get a free pass. and cheap beer at the GLC, dusty's and merlin's. and a cheaper pass to the gym. and there's tons of new hotties working for the mountain this year. so ... lots of reasons to be a liftee as far as i can tell.

there is one really strange thing though. i had my company fit interview (rah rah intrawest) and then a group interview. that should be enough right? right? no. i have a *third* interview on november the 1st. so . . . not only do i go through 3 fucking interviews to be hold a chairlift all day, i'm getting fucked over on the hallowe'en festivities.

oh well. free pass, free pass, free pass . . .

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October 23
ascii art

don't know if anyone else out there likes old ascii art and textfiles/bbs shiznat, but i sure do.

check these out:

ascii art farts
text files

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October 14

i actually made myself a web page tonight. i don't think i've ever really made one for myself before -- i've made plenty for clients but i've never bothered to make one for myself. guess i'm bored.



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October 12
busy bee

whew. it's been a busy past couple of days. between making club night flyers for friends (here), searching for real jobs, working out and going out every night this past week (pretty much), i'm ready to collapse.

it's all good though. life up here just ain't that hard :)

oh yeah, bonus points to the person who can name the font that i used for the dj names on the backside of the flyer.

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October 08
beat me to it

i went down to vancouver for the weekend to visit the parents and attend my brother's graduation. i never made it through UBC: the money at my co-op job just kept getting better so i wasn't in the mood to go back. now i've passed that 7 year grad deadline for cpsc students and i'm living in whistler being a bum. oops. anyways, the grad was super fun. at least as super fun as sitting in the cold misty environment at the top of SFU for 3 hours watching tons of people i don't know or care to know walk across the stage can be.

some pics:

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October 01

i totally made this entry just so i could see if the calendar on the side of my page would look any different.

...and it did. cool, it's october.

you know, it sure as hell doesn't feel like summer anymore up here. it snows the other day and today it's 0 C in the morning when i got up. damn! time for all the winter clothes to start coming out.

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