November 28

outside and inside.

it seems the roof in our new space has decided to start leaking. all over one of the turntables and one of the mixers. excellent.

i'm sure that extra $14 a month we're now paying in rent will be well put to use FIXING THE FUCKING ROOF.

leaky-condo syndrome, anyone? we're such statistics now.


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November 27
cards and recs

a whole 3250 of them. that's a LOT of cards. especially since we ordered way less than that but the printing company tossed in a bunch extra for free.

they look awesome, too.

and i just got a UPS package w/ 100 some-odd records in it.


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November 22
setting up ...

some pics from today -- we finally got in and started setting up the store! so exciting.


i'll be updating this gallery as we do more work ...

and now it's off to reload3.

oh wait ... store is officially open on dec. 1st. opening party is confirmed for dec. 9th @ garfinkels. drumnbass vs breaks: plastic surgeon and jungle souldier vs marky mark and toddski. if anyone out there in antiflux land can make it up for that night, you won't be paying to get in for sure. and maybe i'll give you a shirt ;)

aight, i'm out.


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November 19
leases and such

excellent. everything is all ready. we signed the lease the other day. the landlord was going to sign it 2 days ago. the he decides to up the rent by $14 a month instead of signing it. that's a grand total of 14*12*3 = $504 for 3 years rent. fucking cocksmoker. so we're heading BACK to the real estate agent's office for 4pm to resign everything. our agent is all stressed about it. it's actually pretty funny to listen to him be all panicky on the phone, as if we actually had a choice and would walk away now that the rent is $14 a month higher.

all for a lousy $500 over 3 years.

at least we get the keys today!

and we just placed the first record order. tons o' dnb, breaks and house on it's way. the hip hop order will be placed in the next day or two (fatbeats just got atmosphere - the overcast! ep back in stock. god's bathroom floor, the best track they EVER produced is on it. i'm getting one for me, one for the store).

game on.


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November 12
more dirtybeats ...

just signed the lease today ... and now it's time to start ordering some records! opening party will be december 2nd or 9th at garf's -- drumnbass and breaks for the kiddies.


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November 10
that time of the year again

my ex-roommate mike has a party every november @ the G.L.C. to kick off the season. come one, come all, get fucked up or something. it's house music but it'll be fun anyways.

dirtybeats update: signing the lease on wednesday! holy shit, it's actually happening. and we're looking good for actually opening on the 1st.


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November 04
slaying me

my doctor told me the other day "if you'd like to still be able to walk in 10 years, you have to take at least a year off of snowboarding & skiing". sucktacular! i guess that has something to do w/ my 2 compressed vertabrae, multiple breaks in my toes, my bad hips and knees, etc, etc. at least i'll be able to concentrate on the record store. right? right. ARGH.

so ... anyone wanna buy a snowboard (& bindings)? i'd gotten rid of my skiis and other boards cuz i wanted to just take it mellow this year and now i have to dump this one as well.


  • option sansalone ('01)
  • 162.5 cm long
  • team model (little stiffer flex in the tail than the regular sansalone)
  • regular width (perfect for my size 10 feet)
  • used maybe 50 times (i had 3 snowboards and a pair of skiis so i switched it up a lot)


  • burton cfx ('02)
  • medium
  • carbon-fiber construction
  • red w/ brownish hi-backs
  • italian leather gel-filled straps
  • aluminum ratchets (ie, they don't break in the cold)
  • used maybe 100 times

i'll post some pics when i get my hands on a digi-cam.

these are my BABIES and have been treated as such -- they're in excellent condition. i used to be a ski & snowboard technician so i haven't ridden more than two days in a row without doing a full tune-up on the board. there's a couple scratches on the top-sheet and a couple minor dings on the bottom. the bindings are in almost perfect shape -- there's a minor chip on the right one but it's not going to cause any structural damage. a buddy of mine is the burton rep and he checked it out for me. i was going to buy new ones but he told me to hold onto these ones as they're apparently among the best bindings burton has ever produced and the chip ain't gonna make them weaker.

so yeah, snowboard + bindings: $400 --> this is top of the line gear, it would cost over $1200 brand new (after tax). maybe even more, considering you couldn't buy this board in stores. the bindings cost me $400 after tax (on a sale) and i think i paid $500 for the snowboard -- they're regularily $700 or so after tax.

by the way, this kills me to sell these. don't be surprised if i clutch it like my life depends on it when someone actually buys my precious, precious ride.

interested? mail me or phone me (604.932.2916) or drop by my condo (#4 2400 Cavendish Way -- #4 Whiski Jack)


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