October 30

anyone have a recommendation for a good, cheap .ca registrar? i've always used canreg but i was wondering if anyone has any others ...


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October 28

hell yeah.

got the name search back yesterday. we're now officially dirty beats and apparel. just sending out the business registration now. once we get that back we can go about getting a whistler business licence. fucking bureaucratic bullshit.

and we got a space! still in function, super cheap ($570/month) and we're directly across the hall from the tattoo parlour. possession nov. 15th, opening dec. 1st (tentative), opening party ... who knows. i'll make sure you all know though -- it'll be a good trip up from vancouver (for a couple of ya) and i'll make sure there's some free drinks or something.


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October 19

there's sure been a lot of it up here the past couple of days. here's some pics:

these 2 were from wes' back porch. that's the river of golden dreams that's currently running through his back yard.

here's rainbow park. i normally lie by that island of trees in the middle of the summer and attempt to get a tan.

*edit* i've added a couple more pics here


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October 14
email pet peeves

know what really busts my chops? when someone sends out a group email and places all of the recipients in the to: list (you know who you are). don't do this kids. try this instead:

to: my@own.email.com
from: my@own.email.com
bcc: lots@of.peoples.emails.com

why do we send emails this way? cuz we don't want all the nice people in our to: list to end up on spam lists. how many people do you know who actually spend the time to trim the to: list when they forward a message / joke / pr0n pic?

anyways, back to working on the business plan. gotta make this record store look all professional, i guess.

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October 08
red hat 9

does anyone else think that it looks a little too much like lego?

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dirty beats

oooh. dirty beats is probably gonna be the store name, btw. lindsay and i are perverted, we listen to music, we sell music, i like dirty sounding beats for jungle and hip hop, she's into dirty sounding beats for house. seems to work for me. and it looks like we found someone to take over the lease at her old space (thank god).

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October 02

forgot about this whole weblog thingy.

anyways, for those who might be interested ...

i'm working with computers again. welcome change from being the lead busser at the roundhouse. i'm creating help desk software and some crm software for a small wireless company in whistler. [link] i'm also starting up a contracting company (finally) to deal with all the contracts i've been offered up here. one of the cooler companies i've been dealing with for this is xploremedia. i'm also the IT-everything guy for the whistler creek athletic club and tommy africa's. the last two are pretty sweet jobs -- i do max 4 hours a week at both, i get paid in trade. so ... free gym pass and free booze. hell yeah.

i'm also starting up a record store. that's exciting for me. as in real exciting. lindsay (my business partner) and i just had a meeting with a realtor about a storefront in function junction. pretty mellow building -- our neighbours would be the tattoo shop, which is great considering i'm itching for some more tattoos. we should hopefully (fingers crossed here) take over the space on dec. 1st. just in time for the christmas rush. oh yeah, we still don't have a store name. we've got a couple ideas but nothing has seemed to settle yet. if anyone out there has an idea, feel free to toss it in the comments. hell, give us a name that we use and i can promise one crazy night if you come up to whistler in return. *edit* just so everyone knows, this store is mostly going to be vinyl. we'll do cd's and musical gear eventually but not yet. oh yeah, we've also got some pretty dope clothing lines already. if anybody out there has their own clothing lines, get in touch with me at mike@antiflux.org or 604.932.2916

what else ... well, with my general state of busy-ness, i'm pretty sure i'm not buying a pass this winter. it's just not going to be worth it for me this year. i can't justify the huge expense if i'm only going to be heading up the hill 3 or 4 times. and plus, i've been riding over 200 times in the past 2 years.

found me some new roomies. again. i presently have a couple of aussies living with me. they're awesome so i forgive them the australian part.

still being the little party-kid that many of you have met in the past. went to many an outdoor party this summer, went down to vancouver in september to catch the atmosphere / brother ali show (ill!), caused many a funny situation at many a bar just by being myself. it's all good though.

guess that's really about it for now.



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