December 20

work is a JOKE. it's so easy. clean this table, wipe this counter, here's your free pass, have a good time. can it get any better? i doubt it.

oh wait, it can. i just got a tax return of $3000 from the other year. w00t.

and my new roommates are really cool. super funny brits.

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December 17

or my first day of it in over a year.

it starts in a couple of hours.

jebus. i'm actually nervous and this job is a joke.

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December 12
well that was quick

i've already found 2 roommates. and they're willing to share a room.

and they're willing to pay $400 a month.


ha! i love whistler.

don't you wish you could dance like this?

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December 08


dad came up and chilled with me this weekend. and he brought bad news with him.

presently, i'm living rent-free in my parents' condo in whiski jack (sweet deal, i know). i'm pretty spoiled to have my own place in whistler. spoiled no more, though. they just got assessed over $8000 for roof repairs and need to make some money to pay for it. so . . . looks like i need to find some roomies. fuck me, i haven't lived with someone in almost a year. oh well.

if anyone needs a place to live in whistler (or knows someone who does), contact me (604.932.2916)

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gotta agree with warren, this album rules. haven't been into rawk much as of late -- the odd bit o' punk but it's mostly hiphop & dnb for this boy -- but this disc is really catchy.

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December 06
frustration is . . .

trying to figure out your blog password for the past week and then realizing it's written down on a post-it note that's hanging on your monitor. who knows, maybe i'll even update this thing more often.

check the party, btw. come on out if you like dirty games and funky house. XXXMAS

i really need to fix the css for this page . . .

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