December 17

i honestly can't think of an advertising campaign i like more.



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December 11

the opening party was a huge success ... over 120 people showed up and we generated a TON of interest in the store. the next day brought a bunch of new people in to buy records (including one guy from boston who was in town for 3 days and grabbed a bunch of records to bring home w/ him). hell, i've been getting random people i've never noticed in town before coming up and asking me about the style of music we carry. yay.

and i *finally* decided to learn how to dj. after years of critiquing everyone else's mixing skills, it's time to show how poor mine are. (they actually aren't that bad but they definitely need some work)


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December 09
1 week strong

dirty beats has been open for a week now ... we're selling quite a few records and even some clothing already.


anyways, opening party @ garf's tonight and lots of work to do.


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December 03

i just had my first piece of spam to my antiflux address. apparently only i can help out some poor people in nigeria. if only they knew the balance in my bank account they probably wouldn't be sending that shit to me.

the store's been open for a couple days and we've been selling records already. yay.


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