April 30
laser eye sights ...

click here. how cool would that be to be driving a car and have the speedometer be part of your vision? or ... hrm ... can't think of anything else at the moment but there's tons of shit you could do, i just know it. the example kinda reminds of virtual boy though ...

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April 20

does anyone else get all panicky when they can't access their email IMMEDIATELY? time to get off the net for a couple of days, methinks.

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April 01

not even an april fool's joke from this kid.

i'm finally done with vlink. after they moved to vancouver and then expected me to do one of the following:

1) come down from whistler for four days every week and find my own place to stay with zero compensation for travel expenses or accommodation. (caveat: i did manage to get compensation for my first bus ticket. with a warning: "i can't do this every week for you! it's expensive!" NO SHIT.)

2) work in whistler, just send detailed emails every fucking day explaining exactly what i spent my time on. no, sending an email like:

   4 hours - coding this kerplunker
   2 hours - debugging kerplunker
   2 hours - designing gadget

wasn't good enough.

so ... i could either waste a bunch of time and money coming down to vancouver or i could waste a bunch of time writing paranoid emails everyday. don't trust me to work on my own?? FUCK YOU.

so it's back to doing contract work for the next little while. which is nice considering i make 3x doing that compared to what i made at vlink. and i can do it out of the store. and i don't need to explain my invoices at the 5-min level (programming doohickey: 5hr 34min 15sec 10msec). and i get plenty of free time to skateboard, hit the gym and party.


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