October 14, 2006


somehow i managed to hose the index page/the site css. had to replace both with the default ones to fix it, so now you get a whole new theme.

btw, .cin is up.

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September 14, 2005

cell phone landscape.

this project from MIT's SENSEable City Laboratory maps a city's cell phone density in real time, by "pinging" the phones anonymously for location.
This topography is overlaid against satellite imagery, cell tower locations/links (i think), and elevation topography.


more images [pdf]

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September 02, 2005

decouple imagery from lighting/environment

a siggraph paper on capturing all lighting directions 24 times/sec so that one can competely re-light real objects in post. in addition, it grabs an image that can be used as an alpha for complete re-integration into a new environment. animation of the lighting/environment is also possible. and, from the matrix of all lighting directions, they calculate a normal map making it possible to change the surface appearance.

Performance Relighting and Reflectance Transformation with Time-Multiplexed Illumination

video. [101mb divx]

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May 25, 2005

Consciousness Replication.

life support systems approaches a "computerized longevity" by caputuring electrical signals in the vanda hybrida orchid, coding them into a language and behavioural model, and then running that in a hacked xbox for the orchids' "consciousness" to live on in.

i'm still ruminating on this one.

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May 19, 2005

Mudd Up!

been checking dj/ rupture's blog, Mudd Up!, it's intelligent, well informed, bleedingly current on the musics, and occasionally not-any-sense-making. plus, tasty mp3s from the future.

Now I'm all for civil disobedience, bruising knuckles on apparatus of state power and putting one's physical on the line for beliefs, but every Mayday for the past 20 years or so, these Berlin leftist-anarchist-nazi-police riots are expected, awaited, regularly scheduled like your favorite television program. (RIP Chappelle?) Ritualized, contained. Enemies and friends agree on a day and a place and they all go there to let off steam and everything returns to normal the next day.

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