April 28, 2003
The gig is up.

So I took off for the Easter long weekend to Smith Rock Oregon. The climbing trip was phenomenal. Pics are up now and more will be added as they drift in. (I'll let you all know).

For now the pics are up on the gallery:

Smith Rock

The weather co-operated very nicely and I'm in much appreciation of Eli, Jen, Amy and Ray who had a fire going and beers ready for our arrival at 01H30 on Thursday April 18th 2003. We left Monday April 21st 2003 since it was raining and didn't look like it would let up until later that night. We were planning on leaving Tuesday April 22nd anyway, but this would mean that we would sit around for another 24hrs with only a "possibility of climbing 1/2 a day on Tuesday". With the pro's and con's weighed we opted to pack up and leave. Breakfast manifested itself at the Black Bear Diner in Madras, Oregon.

A stop at the Portland Rock Gym inspired many locals by Sheri and Paul's abilities and technique. (I wasn't climbing very strong that day). Paul and Sheri managed to knock off all the hardest routes in the place. I took the opportunity to take a hot shower. My first shower in about 5 days.

After talking to the locals we found an "underground" sushi restaurant called Subaru's. (i think). The bamboo blinds were closed, there was no sign above the restaurant, only a mysterious black door. The rolls have got to be the biggest I've ever seen. The sushi itself was about 3 inches in length. I'm not exaggerating. You could not eat this with chop-sticks...practically impossible. I wish we had photos of the plate.

Memorable sayings:

Ray: Wow guys! My knot held.
All: "Fuck it up!". (said in the most positive aggressive demeanor)
Sheri: Ray, you are obnoxious, but I still love you.
Some random guy #1 to all of us: "You guys sure are loud for Canadians".
Some random guy to Ray and I: "Can you guys shut-up, my girlfriend is trying to red-point this".

Ray and I had two 'come-back' scenarios to this, but with-held them out of respect.

ray: "Technically it's a pink-point if all the draws are in."
me: "Sorry Tiger, I didn't realize we were on the 18th green".

...jokes ensue here about signs that say "quiet please" and "do not disturb, red-point attempt in progress"....

all in all a good time. hope i didn't piss anyone off too much with my maniacal laughter and silly jokes.

Tony: I still owe you $7 USD for that 12 pack. :)


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April 11, 2003
Act now before it's too late.

Well, Climbing season officially opened last weekend with some people taking off to Skaha. My turn to start outside will come soon enough.

I am doing another mass mailing of cards...this time for Easter. So if you don't get one, it isn't that I don't care about you, it is more likely due to the fact that I don't have your address. Some people in Vancouver will get theirs extra early. That's because I'm making myself scarce and also do to the fact that stuff has to get sent out tomorrow if it is to arrive to my friends across the rest of the country.

It isn't too late if you would care for a card from me. (MikeB. Sorry, you aren't getting one because you are on the road and it will be WAY past Easter to even bother)

If you are in doubt that you are not in my address book, drop me a line. If you got something at Valentines, you'll get something for Easter.


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April 07, 2003
Strong Bah, Mexican Food, and Beer

So it was a long, rather productive weekend in the grand scheme of things. Several parties were attended.

Friday: Strong Bad theme dinner party at F's place. Good food, good friends, fun times. I didn't feel like cooking anything this time and so I brought a bucket of "KnF'nC". Yummy. Hopefully there will be a link to some pics soon.

Saturday: Mike's going away party @ The Cambie - 3:30 - 6:30. I met some of Mike's friends I had never met before including his soon to be travel companion and his g/f. Thanks for the beers guys. Good luck in Europe Mike!

Mexican Party @ our place. Food: Beef Tacos, "veggie-meat" Tacos, Chicken Fajitas, Cornbread, Refried beans, ice-cream. 7:00-12:00.

Sunday: Keg Party @ Uncle Joel's. Enough said. Merci for the good time Uncle J. Can't wait for the next one.

Monday: (today) Laundry, dishes, and no new strong bad e-mail yet!


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April 01, 2003
Hardest Interview Ever

So last night at 10:00pm I found out that I had an interview this morning at 11:30am. No problem I figured.

(take into account that I went to bed at 6:30am, and woke up at 10:15am)

So, I arrive, in Shirt/Tie & dress pants expecting to talk to the hr/tech guys...

Tech guy, (Aaron) says: "Hi, How are you.... "
Me: "Fine, fine".

(insert small talk here)

Aaron: Ok, so you are familiar with linux?
Me: Right at home on it.
Aaron: Ok, here's your computer. You have root privileges. I'm going to ask you to write some code.
Me: Ok.
Aaron: I'm just going to print it off, I'll be right back.
Me: Alrighty. (Immediately sit down and download my .vimrc file from antiflux so I can use the editor properly)
Aaron: (returns with a piece of paper in hand and notices that I'm already up to trouble)
Here's what we want you to do. If you have any questions, just ask.
Me: Ok.

This is what he gave me.

Here's the exact details:


Chris Jones
01 April 2003

Write a simple shopping cart application within the 2 hour interview.

Things you will use
PHP, PostgreSQL, HTML, Javascript, optionally css

Required Tasks

1) Setting up the database
- set up user for database
- set up tables
- set up permissions
Database Name: shopping_cart
Database Command via shell: psql -U postgres shopping_cart

NB. You will encounter a slight problem here. Be prepared to fix it!

2) Customer Side
- add items to the cart
- delete items from the cart
- edit quantities of items
- display the shopping cart

3) Admin Side
- add items to the database
- edit current items' name and price
- delete items from the database

Optional Tasks (if you have time)
1) Login page to log in as either a customer or admin
2) Improving look and feel of application


After 2 hours, I had basically Accomplished all of step one. And was working on bits of step three. (I skipped step 2)

He came over to see what I had done... not a lot. :)

Apparently nobody finishes this, but still I felt like I got next to nothing done. Most of the stumbling was over the damn PostgreSQL interface.

It was simultaneously the coolest and most difficult interview I have EVER done.

I find out tonight whether or not I get the job.

Yes, I DID ask if this was an April Fools joke. I was told that it was most certainly NOT. :)

Props to Beth, Jimmy George, and Shac for their quick responses on fatkids. That was when i reached panic mode. Wish I got to your links sooner guys, but got wrapped up in things. :)
Thanks again. You guys ROCK!


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