May 08, 2003
Dr Jones & Ray take on the Canucks and the Circus.

It was game 5 vs. the Wild. Mr. Sochan and the gang fronted us a keg for the journey through the game. (Very generous I might add). Ray and I were supposed to be in Pentiction climbing at Skaha (thank goodness we weren't... the weather wasn't very co-operateive). So here are some pictures of us at the keg party and then on return from a "Circus themed party" that we were also supposed to hit that day. (We managed to hit it al-right!).

Enjoy the pics and have a great laugh. I don't think Ray and I care, or care to remember, or plain old remember. Enjoy yourselves. We had a good one. We only hope you had a good night as well.

Game 5!


Posted by cjones at 04:17 AM