March 30, 2003
NIDS & The Waldorf

Well, after much tom-foolery and hardware difficulties. I set up a NIDS (Network Intrusion Detection System) that monitors traffic right outside our firewall. Attempts are sent to a MySQL database and recorded on a separate box where the events can be looked at and monitored.

I find this whole idea fascinating. Especially the fact that people have actually written software to do this. I just had to assemble it all together. Pretty nifty I must say.

After a successful "launch" of the NIDS boxes, Rick & I set to work making some dinner. Rick did most of the work this time. I peeled potatoes and made a bechamel cheese sauce for the veggies.


Pork Chops, (Marinated in Rick's secret Lemon Terriyaki Sauce)
Potatoes, (Rick's famous garlic mashed)
Steamed Veggies, (carrots and asparagus, smothered with cheese sauce)

Lip-smacking good. Thanks Rick.

After filling ourselves with pork, it was off to the Waldorf to check out some good acid/funk. Cool bands, cool peeps, and cheap cover. The only trouble we had was getting there. BC Transit kind of let us down tonight so we ended up walking along Hastings between Granville and the Waldorf. The trip took us right through sketch central. It was good though... you got to see the actual migration of drug use/abuse. We were being offered weed at Hastings and Hamilton, and by the time we got past Main St, we could have scored some good ol' "rock" on 4 separate occasions. Fabulous. I love this city.


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March 28, 2003
All in one day.

Isn't it odd that day you decide to stay up all night working, the morning is followed by a million people trying to call you. Most of whom don't even call on a regular basis. :)

Well I got lots of cool networking work done last night. Pretty neat stuff. In the morning, I made some more Blueberry bran muffins, and Richie treated us to some amazing "eggs-benny". Dude those were AWESOME. Thanks so much.

Ben, Sarah, and Mike helped to demolish the wonderful breaky. Should start doing this more often. I just fear that I won't be able to get up for it. :)

Some craziness on the bus today. Ran into Erin and Mike just a few hours after parting ways. We decided on some yummy (albeit more expensive than Taco-Time) Mexican food. Good spot Mike.

And now for some links:

The Haliburton Affair ...courtesy of The Daily Show.

Farting Well, with all that Mexican food and refried beans....
(it's boy humour ladies)


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March 24, 2003
Another Shot at Rock and Roll

I need to stop hanging out with these guys. They're KILLING ME!
I went to a show at "Richards on Richards" on Sunday night. The line-up?
Washdown, Ikara Colt, The D4, Sahara Hotnights.

I missed Washdown and Ikara Colt because I got there at 2130H, show started a little earlier.
The D4 played an amazing rampage despite some technical issues with Jimmy's Amp. It made for
an interesting and intimate performance when Jimmy came down off-stage to mosh with the crowd-"mic in hand". Scared the hell out of the bouncers...they didn't know what to do man.
Great tracks (as usual guys). Other epic events. Dion! We have to teach you how to smash a beer bottle. His attempt failed since the bottle only bounced off the stage spilling beer everywhere. I think they managed to piss off everyone except the crowd. The vocal, drum-smashing, guitar-hammering rock-and-roll session came to a perfect apex when Beaver, the D4's drummer smashed his sticks through his snare and tom. Job well done gents!

Sahara Hotnights were....well HOT. In many aspects of the word. Their music was tight, as were their butts. Inappropriate comment?: yes, but very true. Very HOT. I know, I know....International Rock stars women (Swedish none the less) all with boyfriends. Honestly though. These girls kicked some serious ass. A good show to watch.

The guys in The D4 will be playing on David Letterman on Tuesday (yes tomorrow, night). If you'd like to catch them doing one of their hit singles, please tune in. The CD is also released the same day.

A note to the guys in The D4:

Jimmy: Thanks for being such a cool guy and lending me a few pints.
Beaver: You are one cool mo-fo.
Dion: Thanks for the use of the floor and the shower. And for putting me on the guest-list.
Vaughn: Keep on truck'n dude.

Good luck on the rest of the tour and I hope you guys are enjoying your "rock-and-roll".



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March 22, 2003
Fav Song

T.P.S. "Such Great Heights".

i am thinking it's a sign.
that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images
and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned
i have to speculate that God Himself
did make
us into corresponding shapes like puzzle pieces from the clay.

and true. it may seem like a stretch
but its thoughts like this that catch my troubled head
when you're away when i am missing you to death
when you are out there on the road
for several weeks of shows
and when you scan the radio i hope this song will guide you...

"They will see us waiting from such great heights.
'Come down now.', they'll say.
but everything looks so perfect from far-away.
'Come down now', but we'll stay."

i tried my best to leave this all on your machine
but the persistent beat it sounded thin upon listening.
that frankly will not fly
you will hear the shrill-est highs and the lowest lows
with the windows down
when this is guiding you home.



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March 16, 2003
Tom climber extraodinaire and foreseer forsooth

Tom, this one's for you man. I met Tom in Thailand. Famous for the 'grundy-hook' on the chains at the top of "Cafe Andaman". After getting heismaned in the later part of this week. I've started to recover and go abouts my habitual tasks of eating, sleeping and applying myself around the kitchen. {Liberally Tom, applying Libearally... Yes Tom, lots of lube Sir. ). Other things that made life more bearable...the thought of climbing and swimming. In addition to plans to watch "In the Company of Men", drink beer, enjoy loud flatulence and cook a whole pile of ribs. Sound good Tom? I thought you would approve.

I ran into an old climber friend today downtown. (Not Tom from Thailand) He gave me his business card. It's like the lottery. "You never know".

Acquired another x86 to share my bedroom with until I get it up and going. (Kudos to H.H.) This is for a small networking project that I'm doing to familiarize myself with some software and make myself more marketable.

Doing some more pro-bono work for my church's web-site. Keeping the info up to date. Man it has been a long time since I've written some HTML. Glad my "vi" skills have been kept up to date with all the e-mails I'm letting rip.

Went to the Kingshead with some pals. Ran into an old room-mates ex-gf. Nice to see her.
Also saw a girl there I went to high school with. Will wonders never cease? I obviously had impeccable timing today.

Oh, did I mention I beat a meter-maid to the parking meter...with one minute to spare on the meter...dumped in another 20 minutes worth of change. I accomplished a lot today. A free beer awaited me for saving my friend a ticket. HOORAJ!

d: "t. why's my ftp being homosexual?"
t: "i dun-no".
d: "Is there an option to turn OFF the gayness?"
t: "I only use mine to download heterosexual porn".
d: "i see..."

Hope your weekend is off to a swell start!


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March 14, 2003
Ever have one of those days... know the one i'm talking about... the one where you would have been better off just staying asleep all day. Well I just had one of those. Odd too. Something about the feeling in my gut. Perhaps it is a seasonal disorder of some sort. Perhaps pathetic fallacy. Whatever the cause, it was a relatively shit day.

I woke up early too. Nothing like an extra long SHIT day to put all the relatively "ok" days into perspective.

Things that happened:

Got wet walking in the rain.
Climbed like a piece of spaghetti at the gym.
Dropped my cd-player in the change room. (now broken)
Got wet walking in the rain again.
Forgetting to order "no pickles" on your $1.81 2 cheese burger meal at McD's.
Missing a late night bus by a few minutes, only to have to wait 30 minutes for the next one.

Add a few other things in there just to muddy the waters, and there you have it, a fantastic day.

Paul: My apologies for the terrible look of my page. Is this making anyone else go blind trying to read it? I'll change it if I get a few complaints....

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