March 14, 2003
Ever have one of those days... know the one i'm talking about... the one where you would have been better off just staying asleep all day. Well I just had one of those. Odd too. Something about the feeling in my gut. Perhaps it is a seasonal disorder of some sort. Perhaps pathetic fallacy. Whatever the cause, it was a relatively shit day.

I woke up early too. Nothing like an extra long SHIT day to put all the relatively "ok" days into perspective.

Things that happened:

Got wet walking in the rain.
Climbed like a piece of spaghetti at the gym.
Dropped my cd-player in the change room. (now broken)
Got wet walking in the rain again.
Forgetting to order "no pickles" on your $1.81 2 cheese burger meal at McD's.
Missing a late night bus by a few minutes, only to have to wait 30 minutes for the next one.

Add a few other things in there just to muddy the waters, and there you have it, a fantastic day.

Paul: My apologies for the terrible look of my page. Is this making anyone else go blind trying to read it? I'll change it if I get a few complaints....

Posted by cjones at March 14, 2003 02:22 AM
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