March 30, 2003
NIDS & The Waldorf

Well, after much tom-foolery and hardware difficulties. I set up a NIDS (Network Intrusion Detection System) that monitors traffic right outside our firewall. Attempts are sent to a MySQL database and recorded on a separate box where the events can be looked at and monitored.

I find this whole idea fascinating. Especially the fact that people have actually written software to do this. I just had to assemble it all together. Pretty nifty I must say.

After a successful "launch" of the NIDS boxes, Rick & I set to work making some dinner. Rick did most of the work this time. I peeled potatoes and made a bechamel cheese sauce for the veggies.


Pork Chops, (Marinated in Rick's secret Lemon Terriyaki Sauce)
Potatoes, (Rick's famous garlic mashed)
Steamed Veggies, (carrots and asparagus, smothered with cheese sauce)

Lip-smacking good. Thanks Rick.

After filling ourselves with pork, it was off to the Waldorf to check out some good acid/funk. Cool bands, cool peeps, and cheap cover. The only trouble we had was getting there. BC Transit kind of let us down tonight so we ended up walking along Hastings between Granville and the Waldorf. The trip took us right through sketch central. It was good though... you got to see the actual migration of drug use/abuse. We were being offered weed at Hastings and Hamilton, and by the time we got past Main St, we could have scored some good ol' "rock" on 4 separate occasions. Fabulous. I love this city.


Posted by cjones at March 30, 2003 02:26 AM
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