March 18, 2003
the documents have arrived

Since I was busy doing other things and not especially devoted to pursuing my case, I didn't file my claim against our good buddy Randy until last week. But things are in motion now: today I received the summons, which I have to serve right away. The court date is April 14th. Pretty soon, really. I'm still hoping he won't show up (but will have the money to pay, of course).

I'll keep you posted.

Posted at 08:05 PM

March 14, 2003
spring has sprung?

With the current high today of 1 degree Celsius, this marks the first day in . . . months (?) that the temperature here is above freezing. I've been walking around outside in a sweater all day enjoying it . . . no jacket, no gloves, no scarf . . . excellent.

It is not that fun to talk about the weather all the time, but this winter really seems to have gotten to me. It's time to start looking for a warmer climate.

Posted at 05:03 PM

Vancouver is always an option. .
It seems that this lovely city is attempting to give me the boot though...

Posted by: drj on March 16, 2003 03:43 AM