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October 27, 2005

Seems like diabetes is the new cool. I've seen TV ads for at least 4 different glucose meters and even brochures at a bus stop last week. BB King has been doing endorsements for a while now. And then a few days ago, I stumbled upon dLife TV. Crazy.

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October 17, 2005

I had this collage thing going for a while that would automatically grab images from gallery.antiflux.org and paste them together in a semi-artistic way, complete with links to the original images. It was of course inspired by JWZ's WebCollage.

I was never really happy with my version, mostly because of all the hacks to get it to integrate with Gallery's weird way of doing things. But Greg kept pestering me every time it broke, so I was motivated enough to update it once we migrated to Gallery 2. This time, I did it the correct (lazy) way by just writing an extra subroutine into JWZ's program. The result: Collage 2!

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October 01, 2005
Terry Fox, Elfin Lakes

The Antiflux Terry Fox Run team had a good turn out this year. 5 people in Vancouver and one in Edmonton raised $360 for cancer research.

I went to Elfin Lakes last weekend. It made me want to do a lot more back-country camping. Too bad the season's pretty much over and I'm not masochistic enough for winter camping.

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Nerd document follows.

sshfs is pretty interesting. It allows you, as a normal user, to mount a remote filesystem using ssh. For example, I can make my okcomputer home directory show up locally.

tim@localhost:~$ mkdir okcomputer
tim@localhost:~$ sshfs antiflux.org:/home/tim okcomputer

I can also do the opposite: mount my local file system on a remote computer. This is a bit trickier because my local computer is behind a NAT firewall and I don't feel like editing the NAT configuration just for this. The answer: SSH tunnels!

tim@localhost:~:$ ssh -R 2222:localhost:22 remote.foo.com
[ password exchange, login stuff ]
tim@remote:~$ sshfs -p 2222 localhost:2222 /path/to/mountpoint

By default, the sshfs mount is only readable by the user who mounts it. Even root is blocked from reading it. The computer mounting a filesystem via sshfs needs to load the fuse kernel module, but nothing special is required on the other end - just an SSH server.

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