December 22, 2002
winter solstice

happy winter solstice. i have been in hong kong just over 2 years now. amazing how time flies sometimes.

i saw a great movie today. Hero - following the theme of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

the sword fight scenes are well chereographed and maggie cheung (in the mood for love) is just incredibly beautiful. also starring tony leung (in the mood for love), jet li and zheng ziyi (crouhing tiger)

i highly recommend checking it out sometime...

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December 20, 2002
puisque tu pars

Puisque l'ombre gagne
Puisqu'il n'est pas de montagne
Au-delà des vents plus haute que les marches de l'oubli
Puisqu'il faut apprendre
À défaut de le comprendre
À rêver nos désirs et vivre des "Ainsi soit-il"

Et puisque tu penses
Comme une intime évidence
Que parfois même tout donner n'est pas forcément suffire
Puisque c'est ailleurs
Qu'ira mieux battre ton coeur
Et puisque nous t'aimons trop pour te retenir

Puisque tu pars...

Que les vents te mènent
Où d'autres âmes plus belles
Sauront t'aimer mieux que nous puisque l'on ne peut t'aimer plus

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December 17, 2002
murder at the yacht club

last night the marine manager was murdered at the yacht club.

i knew her; she always had something nice to say to me.

i was at the yacht club gym until about 7pm last night. i was there for lunch this afternoon. sometime in those 17 hours, someone came into the marine office and killed her.

and here i thought the world was a safe place.

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December 15, 2002
why you need an MBA

this weekend i taught a laser sailing course.

there is something refresing about teaching people who are not beginners. it's much more interesting - and you do fun things like race with them and get some sailing in yourself.

my only rule is - if you can beat the instructor it's an automatic pass. ;)

but really the racing wasn't the most interesting part of the weekend. the best part was when one my students said to me: "well, nearly everyone who goes to INSEAD comes back engaged."

i mean isn't that why _everybody_ wants to go to business school?

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so last week my mom announces that her friend wants to introduce me to her nephew.

wow! i think, i've never been set up with anyone before. this could be quite amusing.

and yes, yes it was.

so friday night rolls around, and mom and i and her friend and nephew meet for drinks. what can i say? he's nice, he's intelligent, he's pretty cute .... and he's a lawyer (yes i know that an intelligent lawyer is a bit of an oxymoron).

but you know, it's just one of those awkward things. i mean, what are you supposed to say to each other? ok, so what do you do, how long have you been back in HK, what do you do for fun ... it's so contrived somehow.

besides, i leave the country in 2 weeks ....

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