December 15, 2002

so last week my mom announces that her friend wants to introduce me to her nephew.

wow! i think, i've never been set up with anyone before. this could be quite amusing.

and yes, yes it was.

so friday night rolls around, and mom and i and her friend and nephew meet for drinks. what can i say? he's nice, he's intelligent, he's pretty cute .... and he's a lawyer (yes i know that an intelligent lawyer is a bit of an oxymoron).

but you know, it's just one of those awkward things. i mean, what are you supposed to say to each other? ok, so what do you do, how long have you been back in HK, what do you do for fun ... it's so contrived somehow.

besides, i leave the country in 2 weeks ....

Posted by nicki at December 15, 2002 06:56 PM
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