February 11, 2004

bingo was his name o

in a fit of moody boredom, ryan, ayma and i hit the bingo parlour last night for some hot dabber-on-gamesheet action. i never realized how complicated bingo was; there are all these variations and sub-rules and people try to give you advice but you can barely recognize what they're saying because their lungs have atrophied from breathing bingo parlour air for so long. some parts i still don't understand, for instance sometimes the caller says "rrrrreno" (think ned from south park: bueno) for no apparent reason, and to no apparent effect.

i do have to give mad props to the girl who sat across from me who could point out numbers that i'd missed, meaning that she could read my card upside-down quicker than i could right-side up, all the while putting dabs on her own sheets. the super-scary thing is i'm sure she barely ranks on the bingo-hardcore-edness scale. *ph34r*

Posted by michal at February 11, 2004 10:26 AM
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