February 07, 2004


in front of voda, on my way to a downtown housewarming:

"you're really intimidating when you flash your tits like that..."

gotta love that honesty. anyway...

now that i've arrived at the party, and proceeded to relax myself through the infusion of blessed alcohol, i have to relate my day. the morning starts with a moderately concerned phone call from my boss: "we've been rooted".

well, fuck.

twelve hours later, i now hate sendmail from the very depths of my ballsack. my children will hate sendmail, and not know why. and not only sendmail... i hate qpopper, uw-imap and eudora with equal fervour. any offspring i have will probably be genetically unable to use email.

now i'm going to get good and drunk.

Posted by michal at February 7, 2004 12:31 AM
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