March 28, 2003
wacky dream

i had a wacky dream last night and ritchie has excellently illustrated it:

cat bath

hooray ritchie!

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lost: another pair of pants

this time, i am the one missing a pair of pants... my favourite jeans, to be more specific. dammit.

my apartment building has "free laundry". this consists of 2 washers and 1 dryer (the other one is broken and will never be fixed). every suite gets an allotted laundry slot (mine is currently saturday afternoons 3-6:30) and sunday is a free-for-all day which can get kind of crazy what with everyone trying to get their wet clothes into the dryer first.

i usually leave mine to dry on the drying lines and get them the next day or so. sometimes i totally forget and leave clothes there for weeks on end. well, maybe not weeks... just one week.

so anyways, back to my missing pants. last sunday, i went down to retrieve a pair of jeans i had accidentally left hanging for a whole week, but they weren't there. ok, since i trust most people not to steal clothes, i figured someone had accidentally picked them up or something. so i put up a polite sign about my missing jeans and that i would really like them back.

5 days later, no sign of my jeans.


the more i think about it, the less it seems likely that someone "accidentally" picked them up. when i went down to the laundry room, i noticed the spot on the drying line where i left my jeans last was empty. but right next to it, there were semi-wet articles of clothing. so it's probable that the thief stole my jeans on sunday afternoon, just before i started my laundry in the evening.

then monday night, i dreamt that i had set up a security camera at the front entrance and was watching to see if anyone was wearing my jeans. but that didn't seem to work so i started knocking on everyone's door to pinpoint likely suspects (girls who are my size) in hopes of catching the culprit wearing my beloved pants.

i might have to resort to plan c: leave another pair of jeans on the drying line as bait and stake out the laundry room.

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March 11, 2003
belated r.i.p.

prince fancy pants is no more. he expired on march 10, the day after i did a little landscaping in the tank. i was a little distraught when i found him bloated and dead at the bottom, so there isn't an "after" photo. but here are the last photos of him alive and hiding in the back that morning:

pfp hiding behind the rock (and 3 blurry rummy noses)

pfp still in hiding with a rummy nose

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