February 19, 2003
lost: 1 pair of pants

pfp was getting better and then took a turn for the worse. he's still hanging on by what fins he has left, but it's a sad sight.

prince fancy pants has lost his fancy pants.


in other fish news, i found a new (and better) home (ie. varju's tank) for the zebra danio. so today, i went fish shopping. every single betta in the store was unhappy and needed rescuing. i picked out a healthy, but slightly mangled-looking one. hopefully he won't die on me if he ever gets around to eating something. and maybe, just maybe he will grow some fancy pants of his own.

now, i need to find a name for him. any suggestions?

Posted by erin at 02:35 PM
February 04, 2003
that's weird

today's the 4th, right? if so, why does the main log page say i just posted an entry on the 5th?

Posted by erin at 09:56 PM


Love affairs and dealing with children are not exactly upbeat today. A failure to communicate plus genuine misunderstandings are both possible. People aren't relating emotionally well to each other today. Everyone is a tad standoffish and cool. (Which is not cool.)" (Georgia Nichols, The Province - February 4, 2003)

The only thing she's got wrong is the part about the children, as I haven't encountered any today. Though, there are still 2 hours left to go... maybe I'll meet some on the way home.

Posted by erin at 09:49 PM