September 30, 2003
4 Days of Drinking

So this was a rather epic week for me. I did a LOT of drinking this week. First there was Ben's birthday, and then I found a can of "Lucky Lager" right near the base of Food Frenzy on Pet Wall.
This was very much welcome as I had forgotten to bring my own and I had just finished red-pointing an .11c. Oddly enough that is as hard as I was climbing at the same time in the season as last year.

So I'm feeling very proud of myself, although this leaves me a few grades behind my "dude status" (TM). With any hope, I'll manage to put away a .12a while at Red River Gorge. Final plans are being made as we speak. I'm starting to get a little excited. It should be good as I will be climbing with 10 of Vancouvers hardest climbers.

On Thursday I went to Tatlows for a little ritual that I've been neglecting as of late. Friday was Ed's Birthday so I went to his place, followed by a "flourescent" climber party. Was very cool. Continued drinking until noon and met some very cool people.

Saturday was delegated to much sleep followed by a few more drinks. :) Oh, and some dinner that Rich & I prepared.

Sunday I spent wandering around Vancouver, Granville Island and then up to UBC for a sun-set.
Links to the drinking, sunsets et al are located here.

Watch the videos as they are all worth it. :)


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September 16, 2003
Long time no hear...

Well I realize that it has been a while since I've posted anything here. I guess that's because I've been busy at work, and climbing. I've been up to the Shushwap during the forest fires, and climbed on the cheif during the backcountry ban. I was interviewed by CityTV regarding what I thought of the restrictions and how they affected people in the community.

I've been going to the gym and training hard for the end of the season trip to THE RED. I have been planning this trip for quite a while and will be going with some of the best climbers from Vancouver. I'm honoured that they invited me to with them. Tony, Senja, Rich: It'll be good to see you there. Sheri: Thanks for buying my ticket. Cam & Andrew: Get ready to kick it up.

In other recent news my brother has just passed his Firefighter certification and is now training with members in Ottawa. He told me he loves his job, not to mention that he weighs more than me for the first time in his life. I've been threatened with an arm-wrestle that will be a must when I return at Christmas.

For those of you that missed it: There was a ho-down at our place. Pics are here by me and there are some more by my roomie. A good time was had by all especially Ben and Owen. I'd love to have you to the next one, so if I haven't seen you in a while give me a shout.


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