October 06, 2003
The Ultimate Everything

Well another week has gone by and I've done more climbing related tasks. I got to see a really nice video starring Chris Sharma, Katie Brown and Nate Gold. The film is entitled "Pilgrimage" and it is a story about their trip to Hampi, India.

A link to the trailer can be found off of here

I got to catch up with many a climber friend I've seen off/on throughout the summer. Glad to see that everyone was out to represent.

Friday involved a little food at a Spanish restaurant in gastown followed by drinks and pool at The Marine Club. There was an erie fog in the air of downtown that night.

After getting home at 3:30, drinking way to much, I had to be up by 08h00 to get up to Squamish to do The Ultimate Everything. 10 pitches of 5.7 - 5.9 and one of 10b. :)

Pics should be up here soon. Saturday night was off to Dix to indulge in more drinking after the BC Lions victory. I managed to get to bed by 03h00 again.

Sunday was spent relaxing sore muscles, doing dishes, catching up on lost sleep and watching "What's Eating Gilbert Grape".

I'm looking forward to my trip to "The Red" coming up on Friday. Time to get my stuff together.


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