September 30, 2003
4 Days of Drinking

So this was a rather epic week for me. I did a LOT of drinking this week. First there was Ben's birthday, and then I found a can of "Lucky Lager" right near the base of Food Frenzy on Pet Wall.
This was very much welcome as I had forgotten to bring my own and I had just finished red-pointing an .11c. Oddly enough that is as hard as I was climbing at the same time in the season as last year.

So I'm feeling very proud of myself, although this leaves me a few grades behind my "dude status" (TM). With any hope, I'll manage to put away a .12a while at Red River Gorge. Final plans are being made as we speak. I'm starting to get a little excited. It should be good as I will be climbing with 10 of Vancouvers hardest climbers.

On Thursday I went to Tatlows for a little ritual that I've been neglecting as of late. Friday was Ed's Birthday so I went to his place, followed by a "flourescent" climber party. Was very cool. Continued drinking until noon and met some very cool people.

Saturday was delegated to much sleep followed by a few more drinks. :) Oh, and some dinner that Rich & I prepared.

Sunday I spent wandering around Vancouver, Granville Island and then up to UBC for a sun-set.
Links to the drinking, sunsets et al are located here.

Watch the videos as they are all worth it. :)


Posted by cjones at September 30, 2003 09:39 AM

Speaking of drinking videos, it turns out I have one of some beer shotgunning at the party early in September.

Posted by: warcode on October 1, 2003 06:14 AM
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