February 25, 2003
climbing, taxation & fruit-cake

well, i think i have finally set a record. i completed my taxes within 12 hours of my T4s arriving at my door. I must get some sort of sick pleasure out of finishing this little chore. I guess it is like a simple grade 5 math problem set. Terribly easy, but cathartic in a twisted kind of way. Well, even though this years taxes were one of the most complicated to date, I managed to finish in about an hour with a refund of about $130.

I hear it only gets worse from here. :)

So I went climbing after the tax session. Climbing is progressing at that plateau level. I need to start working on the good old endurance followed by the "mythical" power-endurance problem that separates the good climbers from the excellent ones. I'm hoping the time I'm putting in at the swimming pool will allow me to punch through that barrier. That and more climbing. ;)

The goal is to complete a 5.12a by spring's end. And hopefully lead a decent roof (completely horizontal) root in the mid 5.11 range.

With that accomplished, and perhaps some good Squamish climbing, I'll feel that I've gotten to a place that I probably never would have gotten trying to manage school work or a full time job.

Lastly, the fruit-cake. You might wonder what fruit-cake has to do with taxes or climbing. Well I mentioned two challenges in my life, and now for another. The challenge being: cleaning your cupboards and discovering some....and then...


I can personally say that this stuff NEVER goes bad. :) I think I'll try and save some for May so I can break yet another personal record.

Hope all is well with my audience.


Posted by cjones at February 25, 2003 01:06 AM

Don't eat at quiznos...If the chef is so obsessed with his sandwich that he cruelly allows his pet to die fo starvation, he probably is so obsessed that he added his own "special sauce" to the sub.

Posted by: Lisa Watson on March 13, 2003 12:26 PM
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