January 28, 2003
Sex, Drugs and Rock'N'Roll.

It has been a BUSY few days. Jam packed w/ so much stuff I don't know where to begin.

Let's get the boring stuff out of the way:

Friday: Technical test for a job I'm applying to. Handed resumes in to several other places.

Saturday: A friend of mine, Perg, arrived via Greyhound from LA. Hung out at my place. Made pizza, drank wine. Great time. Perg and I met in Thailand. He is a super great guy. Great climber. Good cook and can choose and excellent wine.

Sunday: Here's where it all starts. Perg and I decided to make the trek out to Coquitlam to check out the new climbing gym. It was pretty fab I must say. Dan: You got a good thing going there. Congratz! On the way back, got a ride from the owner and nearly got smashed by a train. It was pretty funny. :)

...got home safely via sky-train...did the three SH's. (Sh*t, Shower and Shave). Went out to Rugby's for some meat. It was grand. Perg: Thanks for dinner.

Went to the PIC pub to see "The D4". I would get a link, but I'm too lazy. :) It should be sufficient to say that this was a real ROCK'N'ROLL show. It brought back a lot of memories. Lots of drinking was done. Lots of singing... and I got to hang out w/ the band after the show....this is where things got messy. :)

Long story short I was voted as the volunteer to go back to my place to pick up some booze that I had lying around for the band. (They're a frick'n rock band and couldn't think to get liquor ahead of time... just kidding Beaver & Jimmy).

So I left my keys in the back seat of the cab on the liquor run, but didn't realize this until hours later. (oops)

Then on the tour bus. :)

Now let me just state for the record that everything that you ever see portrayed on a tour bus in the movies is EXACTLY like that in real life. I shit you not... It was pretty funny.

Oh, and in defense of the band members with wifes/girlfriends. There were no girls on the bus. The boys were all well behaved. A great lot.

On to the hotel for more drinking... :)

Wanting to leave by 0400H, but realizing my lack of keys would require waking my roomie at an ungodly hour. We stuck it out until 0500H. Home by 0525H. $20 cab ride from the airport. Coffee at the 24hr coffee place across the street from my place. Rang the buzzer @ 0545H. Rich was less than amused I'm sure. He told me today that he managed to fall right back asleep. (I'm still sorry though)

Crashed for a few hours then had an interview at 1200H.

I don't want to look at how much money I spent over the night. It was just so much fun.

Perg left to catch his flight to Edmonton. He's meeting up with a few other Canucks there.


PERG: Thanks for the wicked time and picking up the tab for dinner.
rich: Sorry about the early morning wake-up.
james & beaver: Can't wait to see you guys in 6 weeks. :)


Posted by cjones at January 28, 2003 02:54 AM
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