January 23, 2003
No post, more beer

Well, I regret that I haven't posted much useful up here in the last little while, but I've been terribly busy with my new best friend alcohol. You see, I realized that the government was giving me all this extra cash for essentially sitting on my ass. I thought I should put some of the proceeds back in the government's hands by purchasing a vast quantity of cheep beer.

I have been drinking solidly now since my last post and I want to ensure you that I'm doing my best to keep up my reputation. I mean I don't do any of this .... well, picture Ben passing out on my bed after one too many glasses of wine... well, honestly that's shameful in comparison to making long wretching sounds with big stringy noodles of barf, pasta, and bile coming out of your cakehole just as your room-mate steps in.

"look at the mess you've made".
"what mess"?
"the fucking, noodles and shit on the floor".
"(barrffff)....fuck you".

and so, now not only have i squandered away lots of money in booze, but i've come to the conclusion that my room-mate doesn't want me living here anymore...

i vaguely remember something about "you're outa here by the first of February"... so ... if anyone has room for a raging alcoholic, I'm looking to pick up in Grant and Dave's tracks of freeloading on couches for months at a time...


well... i gotta go drink another pilsner.

check out this if you're bored...

Guns-and-Roses-Wanted-in Vancouver



....also the above story is entirely fictional... i have not yet developed a drinking habbit, thanks for your concern.

Posted by cjones at January 23, 2003 09:21 PM

fictional, my ass!

glad i got my stuff out before it got puked or pissed upon. (ah, graham)

also, that link is amazingly awesome.

Posted by: dave on January 24, 2003 02:14 PM
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