January 30, 2003
Night does funny things...

Went to bed at 0800H yesterday morning after cooking my roomie breakfast. I was woken up at 1145H by one of my friends who was taking me to a lunch meeting I had forgotten about. I don't know how I forget about these things. So with just under 4hrs of sleep I presented myself in quite a slow quiet way.

I stayed awake until 1600H and fell asleep until 2115H. I decided that my body could finally use something besides an Orange Julius and a cigarette. To Quiznos! I've been pretty lazy about making food recently. Quiznos had closed by the time I got there, so I thought I would ride the bus to my favourite pizza joint downtown. On the way back, I figured I would catch a flick. Catch me if you can. Not too bad. Not great, but not too bad.

After the film I sat out on Granville under the buzz of the neon lights at the Cine-7.
I watched the cabbies come and go as a group of college girls discussed eating

It was something to behold.

...a vagrant comes by and disturbs my train of thought by asking for a quarter.
I smile and say no.

He asks me for a cigarette. I give him the last of mine as I exhale the last of the
toxic smoke. He grumbles and swears...something about needing bus-fare.

Don't we all I think to myself. Where was I?

Yes, "McDonalds always wants you", my mother used to say.

It seems to be one of the last truths. Between that fact, hockey, beer, and
church, my life has a stable foundation.

New York, London, Hong Kong... Iraq.


ps. Latest toon is up: HERE

Posted by cjones at January 30, 2003 01:16 AM
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