January 15, 2003
A Rip Into the Networking Sector

I was going to tear a strip off the networking sector and the other bits of general crappiness about job searching in Vancouver, but I figured that this is moot and would not really aid in my job search. Infact it would probably hurt it, and make me look like a bitter resentful washed up computer science geek.

So, instead, I'm sending out a very big thank-you to all that are contributing in a positive way to my job-search. Extra thanks to those who have really gone out of their way.

In no particular order: Josef, Mittal & Sangeeta, "Captain" Doug, "f", "Saint", "right-round", "'b", Brad-L and Mike-b.

I'm still trying guys! I won't let the lack of progress so far get me down. I'm determined to find something good "come Hell or high-water'.

Also Josef: "Thanks again."


Posted by cjones at January 15, 2003 12:33 AM
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