January 12, 2003
Antiques and Thai Dinner

Today was a GREAT day. Although I'm pretty tired now, I had a super day.
I got up shortly after 0900H, did some dishes and took off at about 0945 to the Cultural Centre on Commercial Drive. I got some REALLY neat old ads from crates of "stuff". I need to get some frames, mat them in and then I'll display the results. (I wish my roomie had his camera fixed).

Dinner tonight was "Tom Ka Gui" or "Soup Galanga Chicken", but since Galanga isn't readily available it was "Chicken Ginger Soup". This was one of the things I learned to order while in Thailand. Note that this is massively different from "Khao Tom Gui" or "Rice Soup Chicken". A mixed up word and tone cost me dearly at breakfast one morning. Instead of my nice Chicken & Rice Soup, I was greeted with a bowl of "firey death" (aka Tom Ka Gui"). This is NOT a good way to start the morning of climbing. Makes you sweat though.


Posted by cjones at January 12, 2003 09:37 PM
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