January 17, 2003
Sonar and Quadro

Went to Sonar w/ some friends. Danced to electronica. Was great. Had a few beers. Caught a bus home. Learned a few lessons:

1) Do not buy bus tickets from bums. Especially "pushy bum" from UBC. Drivers can print out tickets that "look" valid, but when put into a machine... don't work.

2) Do not eat pizza on the bus or the bus driver will call the transit authority. Even if you are a "hot - chick" you cannot "break the law". The driver explained to the transit police: "This girl was eating a pizza, and now it is gone". Hahahahhahaha... oh man... soo funny... Mike and I broke out into a beavis & butthead air-guitar riff "Break'in the law...break'in the law"...

3) Be nice to girls walking home and they will give you free passes to Luv-affair.

Must sleep now.

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Posted by cjones at January 17, 2003 02:09 AM
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