January 11, 2003
Rugby, Beer, Strippers and Beer.

So I had an awesome day today. I went for a bike ride to Home Depot to get some 'art' supplies. I also went to Future shop to spend the gift certificate one of my brothers gave me for Christmas. I accomplished all of this via mini-bike from my room mates collection. (Thanks R.) I did some work on my art projects, and finished installing the last of the 100B/T switches for our place. Our entire network is more/less 100BT. Very nice.

I also celebrated my friends 25th b-day @ Rugby. (950 Broadway). Relatively nice place, good food, good service, and cheap drinks. I had a great time. After we got tired of there, "the boys" wanted to go to FRAMS. So we went out to S.W. Marine for some action. g/f's in tote. I think everyone had a good time there, although some (like myself) were less than enthused.

All-in-all a good night. I do believe now it is time to "hit-the-shit" proverbically speaking.


p.s. I think I have had one too many. :)

Posted by cjones at January 11, 2003 01:19 AM
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