December 07, 2002
100 BaseT and 3 Guiness

So I arrive home at just after midnight and the house is in complete dis-array.

I wanted to wire-up the house w/ a switch and put some more of the
"computer mess" into the closet, but I accidentally nudged the "external
l2 cache" trying to put some RAM back into the thing... and the whole
thing would not reboot, and I didn't know why....

As I was about to investigate matters further, the phone rings. My ride is waiting upstairs. It's beer time for all those ex-employees at my former company. I took off wihtout fixing the network but not before writing a quick note on the whiteboard indicating that "The internet is broken". :)

After much bitching and 3 Guiness and a beef-dip later, I arrived home to the mess. I had to figure out what was wrong w/ the firewall, fix it. (remove the L2 cache and turn it off in the BIOS) Undo the network, set it back up to now go through the switch so I could place a second box into the closet.

Mission accomplished.

Now to get the whole house rigged up on 100 BaseT (hopefully switches). I also have secret plans for a WAP or two.


Posted by cjones at December 07, 2002 02:43 AM
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