December 08, 2002
House Warming and 5am Coding Session

So, there I was...

I had a few people over for a little gathering to celebrate the new place. (finally)
Lots of wine and beer was consumed. Lots of cheese, crackers and fruit was eaten.
Pickled substances gallore.

All in all a pretty good turn-out.

Thanks very much for the gifts everyone. The place will be much warmer with them.

....after the last of our guests left, I resumed with the coding where I left it off hours earlier, but cleaned it up in a hurry, checked some stuff in and sent a note off to an interested party to help debug some small errors...

Got to bed late, woke up even later... what else is new.

Argh. The mountain of dishes I must soon contend with :)


Posted by cjones at December 08, 2002 03:35 PM
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