December 06, 2002
Lost In The /src Directory

Well I haven't posted in so long because I have been busy setting up the network and more machines to run on it. (HOORAY!) I'm preparing for the eventual deployment of a real rack in our closet and will hopefully house much of rick's gear as well as much of my own.

I worked on getting dhcpd setting correct and then investigated a new BSD kernel and other goodies. I'm talking to the chief and grand master of BSD, TimO. I don't think he approves of my haXory, (for security reasons) and I'm glad he pointed that out.

I'm now weighing the pro's and cons. I don't know if it is really worth the extra day or two of trouble when I have things pretty stable right now.

(oh, and TimO if you are reading this, the mysterious signal 11 came back again... must be a problem w/ one of the 32Mb RAM chips... or something else for that matter)

The grand plan is to have a 'large' server to boot from (hardware RAID support) and have tiny, fanless boxes in our rooms and will finally rid us of the constrant "drone and hissing" of the fans and spinning disks.



Posted by cjones at December 06, 2002 12:56 AM

I didn't say I didn't approve of your haXory. I just suggested the audited version of BIND 4 that ships with OpenBSD because it's easier and, given BIND's track record, probably safer than setting up BIND 9. If you do use 9, I suggest the ports tree.

Also check out ccd and RAIDframe.

Posted by: tim on December 11, 2002 06:04 PM
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