December 03, 2002
Sean Penn vs. W.

Well, I just got this in the mail and did some research to see if it is true.
It does indeed seem to be fact. Sean Penn wrote a letter to the big W. on October 18, 2002 and had it printed in the Washington Post for $56K. :)

A text copy can be found here and a pic of the actual article can be found here

Perhaps many of you knew about this. I've probably just had my head in the sand for far too long.

Today was spent reading, writting and meeting a client that never showed up. :)
Had some good dinner at Stephos. Yummy! And met some cool peeps downtown.


Posted by cjones at December 03, 2002 01:59 AM

For a little insight into the big W.'s priorities, or a good laugh, check this out:

Posted by: ac on December 16, 2002 09:02 PM

Surprise! up comes me own name on google page one looking for the Penn stuff! The 'sources outside the mainstream' Penn alludes to includes short wave radio... get one and see the difference. Extract from the matrix! Detox those streams we call 'main!'

another cjones from out here.

Posted by: c jones on January 6, 2003 03:02 PM
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