December 02, 2002
Another Resume and Another Diner Party.

Well I forgot to mention some interesting facts about the dinner party that I hosted here on Friday. We got to the point of doing "silly things".

For once, this was non drug-induced. :)

So I tried to, and successfully managed to fit a whole tomato in my mouth (without squashing it too badly) and then managed to chew it. (gagging only occaisonally). Toby's girlfriend, Michelle attempted the same stunt although much more intoxicated than I, pulled the mushed object out of her mouth right before declaring: (and I quote)

"I can put it in there,
I can suck on it,
I can blow on it,
But I can't eat it"

(heh) Good one Michelle!

The next day, I got up late found a barbie for the dinner party I was headed to the following night.

Theme: "Blonde is beautiful" ... puzzled? No, this is a piece of cake! Made some smoked-oyster h'or d'oeuvres put them on a plate with blonde barbie head picked up from the good 'ol Salvation Army. :)
Made some smoked salmon ones as well. These were set out in front of a headless barbie spread eagled on the plate. I saw the humour in it. As did most otheres. :)

Pics of my crackers should be up soon. Along with the mouse in the trap. (Don' worry I won't forget)

Today is likely to be a busy day. My contract is done, so a document will be chaning hands for a cheque (hopefully). I am also suposed to meet a client who is flying in from NZ. :) Time for some Z'zzzzsss.


Posted by cjones at December 02, 2002 03:13 AM

diner parties are awesome. especially with the coffee and pie.

Posted by: beht on December 4, 2002 08:59 PM
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