November 13, 2002
Losing Saturday and Sperm.

So after a weekend of extreme fun. I somehow came to the realization late Tuesday night, that not only had I been ignoring my log, but that I had such a good time that I forgot what I did on Saturday night. Holey Crap!

Well it came to me admidst a hellish s/w install involving a lot of MS products. I had dinner at Beth's house. Additionally I was supposed to go to a house party that I thought was on Friday. (but it was Saturday)... oops.

Well now that the debauchery is over, time for some work. Currenly looking for work, and may have an interview with my company of choice. Hooray!

Now on with the sperm. Yes. An excellent site for all your needs:


-Dr. J

Posted by cjones at November 13, 2002 05:08 PM
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