November 14, 2002
Another Day.

Here we are and it seems that I've successfully slept through another day. Today waking up at ( a not quite record breaking) 14:30 H. Considering I went to bed at 04:30, that's not too bad. :)

Immediately ate some cereal to eliminate the foul 'mung' taste in my mouth and then went to eat some Soup @ soupspoons. Waitress was a little suprised that I was eating breaky @ 15:30 ...but hey, it is "happy hour" so I got 20% off. I should go back tom.

Now, I must get some code understood. Perhaps some written and some dinner made. (heh)

Computer is more stable now, but it did crash in the wee hours last night. Going to upgrade the kernel. Also I have been promised an interview at the company I have been hounding for the last 5 weeks. We'll see how much more hounding it takes before they grant me my request.

-Dr J.

Posted by cjones at November 14, 2002 09:14 PM

you got 20% off of that meal??

fucker. i paid full price.

Posted by: beth on November 18, 2002 10:48 AM
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