November 10, 2002
in the wee hours...

So here I am once again 'arm-wrestling' with my linux. ARG!
I've narrowed my "constant" crashes down to the following (no particular order):

1) Gnome (it sucks...don't ask why I'm using it... back to enlightenment i go)
2) BIOS issues. Gonna upgrade tomorrow to the latest and greatest version.
2) Driver problems. Working on getting this resolved. Resources on the .NET are NOT helping.
May be related to above.
4) Bad RAM. I have another stick around here somewhere. Might have to do with the DVD-ROM
resting directly on the RAM. :)
5) Toasted CPU. All my "heat-sink" experiments might have taken their toll.


Posted by cjones at November 10, 2002 02:42 AM
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