October 27, 2004

Distributed compiling

It appears that the distributed compiling apple uses in xcode is based on a free tool, distcc. Now I wonder if I can use that nice gui distcc monitor with xcode...

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vi command line editing!?!

It is possible to edit the current command line using vi key bindings! How come I didn't know about this before?!? (and why is emacs mode the default eh?)

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iTunes 4.7 and iPod Download Plugin

Apple released iTunes 4.7 yesterday, one of the undocumented 'improvements' is that it breaks the iPod Download plugin. Now, I know that Apple doesn't like this plugin, I suspect for some serious legal liabilities, so it is somewhat hard to come by but google can help you find it (don't ask me for it). But, like I said, Apple 'fixed' iTunes 4.7 and even if you have the plugin it won't work with the new version. But they didn't do a very thorough job of fixing iTunes 4.7. You can open the plugin, usually at "/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins", with hexedit, do a search for "download" and change a few characters here and there (I leave it up to you to figure out exactly what to change) and the plugin should work again.

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October 12, 2004

Blatant Cash Grab

Does anybody have an idea why it would cost $40 to rent a graduation gown ($45 for Ph.D.s) for graduation congregations at UBC? Do they buy new gowns every year? Does PlantOps do the dry cleaning and charge out at exorbitant prices? Or does the bookstore just enjoy f**king people over? In 2002 there were 8104 grads, lets assume that 3/4 of those people attend graduation. 8104*3/4 * $40 = approximately $240,000. To me that seems a bit excessive. Where is all that money going?

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October 11, 2004

iPhoto and Gallery

It is hard to beat iPhoto for easy photo management on OS X. It has its problems, slow on a G4 400, does its own database/file management magic, doesn't handle RAW's well, and it was kind of complicated going from iPhoto albums to gallery albums. But that last point has changed. Sarah told me to show her how to take pictures from iPhoto and put them on our online gallery. I thought that it should be possible to do that with an Applescript or even better, an iPhoto plugin. Google showed me that somebody has already made such a plugin called iPhotoToGallery.

I've only used it once so far but it is pretty slick. Select export from iphoto and one of the 'tabs' in the resulting dialog box is Gallery. Click on that and provide the URL and login info for your gallery site and it downloads the list of albums on that site. Then you can specify if you want to make a new sub-album or top level album, if you want to scale pictures etc, hit go and it uploads the pictures in the current iPhoto album to your online gallery. Now if I could find as clean of a way to integrate raw processing into iPhoto.

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October 05, 2004

Blog spam

I read the antiflux log comments rss feed (http://log.antiflux.org/comments.xml) and I have noticed that there is a lot of spam showing up on it. Hopefully some of you read my log once in a while and will read this email. The 'system' has MT-Blacklist installed on antiflux, which can block and remove existing spam, but it isn't turned on by default. Here's how to turn it on for your blog:

go to http://log.antiflux.org/mt-blacklist.cgi and log in with your blog id and password. Then click on the "Configure" button just below the title "MT-Blacklist" and between the "Publish" and "About" buttons. Once the configure page comes up check the "Blocking spam Comments" checkbox and save your configuration. Then presto! no more blog comment spam (or at least significantly reduced spam).

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