June 07, 2006
drive west phase 2

We stocked up on food in "the Sault" (note that "Sault" is pronounced "soo") - which is your last chance to be sensible and cut through Michigan - and began the long drive around the top of Lake Superior, the third Great Lake I'm checking out on this trip. I've been along this road once, heading in the opposite direction in the summer of 2003.

The scenery is very . . . wildernessy. Canadian Shield for a long, long way. Rock, trees, lakes. And today rainy in the afternoon, foggy in the evening. We did get some great sunset views at the tops of crests towards the end of the night, though.

For those of you interested in pictures, Bri's done one better: we have his video camera set up to take a shot every 2 seconds. This is a further deterrant for us in terms of border crossings, but it makes for a cool movie when you play it back at many frames per second. We've decided against any sort of audio recording as the language in the car tends to be a bit salty.

We're stopped near Nipigon (which is sort of near Thuunder Bay) for the night.

Distance travelled: 1200km
Timmy's passed in Ontario: 12

Posted by warcode at June 07, 2006 08:56 PM
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