June 12, 2005
mullet madness

Okay, okay, I've been out of this for a while. But after some touching comments from several fans (amounting more or less to "I actually read something on there." and/or "Where are the updates?") I'll see what I can do for you, the loyal reader.

I have a clunky mp3 player courtesy of my good buddy Claus, which saw me through on my travels. All these iPod people make me nervous. But I've been listening to the radio a lot anyway, as I've been happy with the recent (well, it occured before I moved back to Vancouver) shift in format for the Fox. Most of the DJs are good, though one particular guy is a total tool; you would notice if you listened for any length of time during the day.

Anyway, they tend to have themes for weekends, like an all-90's weekend or all Pearl Jam or "then and now" where they play an older song followed by a newer song for the same band (like that old Jimmy Eat World followed by that new Jimmy Eat World . . . hmmmm). This weekend's theme is "Mullet Madness", all 80's metal hair bands. But I was expecting a slightly longer set of songs (they only play one of these every 15 minutes or so); I've heard the same Europe song three times this weekend. Same for Cinderella. Cinderella is brutal. And Ratt. These guys were huge (turns out they are around and touring) . . . how high was everybody back then?!?

Posted by warcode at June 12, 2005 12:29 PM
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