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January 31, 2005
U-Pass: the only time students haven't been screwed in 5 years

If you are a UBC student, you need to go vote for the U-Pass right now. An unlimited bus pass for $22/month is unbeatable.

Thanks to our bonehead AMS, nobody seems to know that the U-Pass will be cancelled if the $2/month increase is voted down. Then you'll have to pay $2.25 per ticket or $69 to $130 per month for a pass. With all the elections online now, there aren't any polling booths to remind people. Just a few high school style hand-painted signs and some people handing out flyers (who you've probably been avoiding because you thought they were trying to talk to you about Amnesty International or something).

Warcode, have you voted yet?

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January 03, 2005
polar bear 2005

To ring in the new year, I took part in the 85th annual Vancouver Polar Bear Swim at English Bay. There was a huge crowd of swimmers and an even larger crowd cheering us on.

signing up for the swim the swimmers head to the water me checking out my participation badge

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