April 17, 2004
Three Simple Letters

So after a year of fun and excitement, I've finally finished this MBA thing. Three letters for a year of work. Which is a helluva lot better than 5 years for the four letters of my undergrad. What a deal!

So the plan for the next month or two is to get out of Kingston as quickly as possible. I'm moving to Vancouver come May and working at BC Hydro come June. Sadly they've stuck me at the Edmonds office, so I'm working in the boonies of Burnaby. To keep my commute less than an hour, I'm living near Boundary where I'm renting a condo. But don't worry - I'll come visit all you people in the "hip" part of town.

Suggestions on what to do with my insane amounts of free time until I start work are being entertained. It definitely feels strange not to have school hanging over my head - you get very used to it.

Posted by savidant at 12:26 PM