May 25, 2012
The importance of alignment

Yesterday, we had ANOTHER core team meeting to discuss our personal goals and company strategy. What do you do when the four co-founders are clearly unaligned? We have 3 people who are in it to learn new skills and build something fun. We have 1 person who only wants to strike it rich. Hmmmm

Posted by nicki at 12:12 PM
Life in a start-up

Last January I started a company with friends. Some lessons I have learnt along the way:
- 4 co-founders is too many
- No matter how nice it is to get consensus, the buck has to stop with someone
- You need to have someone along who gets passionate about things and will light a fire under you to move things along
- If you are not the person above, they will likely drive you nuts
- People work better when they feel like they have input to the outcome

Posted by nicki at 12:08 PM