January 16, 2008
electricity - huzzah!

this morning i learnt how to make sure i have electricity in my apartment. last month my "ayi" (the girl who comes to clean my apartment once a week) mentioned that i was low on electricity credits.

after some inquiry i realised that i needed to take my electricity card to the bank, put some money on it (which required having a bank account, and an EPS/interact card) in order to recharge my electricity.

then i promptly went home, stuck the card in the meter, and figured my job was done.

however, when i spoke to my ayi again this morning, she reminded me to pay for more electricity. after some confused discussion we tried to figure out how US$60 worth of electricity credits (which should last 2-3 months) got used up in a month where i spent 2.5 weeks in HK.

we finally realised that i had stuck the card in the gas meter. thank goodness for my ayi - i now know where my electricity meter is!

in other good news, i found a little organic supermarket just around the corner from my office. now i don't need to import all my organic products from HK. hooray for living in BJ!

Posted by nicki at 12:29 PM