July 23, 2003
free fall

Well, I've always wanted to try skydiving. After all, free fall is supposed to be an amazing experience.

Last Friday, I got to try it for free. ;) On a flight back to HK from Malaysia, we hit an air pocket as we passed by all the tropical storms in the Philippines region. The plane dropped about a thousand feet. Everything went into slow motion for about 30 secs.

Food went flying everywhere. Luckily I was belted in. My sister floated up and hit her head - but she's ok. It was pretty scary. A couple of the stewardesses were badly injured.

I might have to give skydiving a miss after all.

Posted by nicki at 06:33 PM
running from the law

So this summer, I am back in HK for 3 weeks and I already have to go to see the police.

Turns out, half a year later, they still haven't discovered the motive behind the murder at the yacht club ... and now they want my fingerprints!!!

That's the second time I've had a run-in with the law in HK. The first time, it turns out my boss at the asset company I worked for creating some dodgy accounts...

I guess I lead a pretty eventful life.

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July 06, 2003

i am on summer vacation in hong kong. current weather report states the humidity is at 66%. i marvel that in this weather, more than half a million people managed to spend all day protesting outside.

in other news, i finally managed to update my website. i also did my 2000 tax return. it's nice to have a summer to do all these things isn't it? the joys of being in school again.

Posted by nicki at 08:04 PM